Top 5 Family Activities in Auckland

Top 5 Family Activities in Auckland

Top 5 Family Activities in Auckland

If you’re in Auckland and need to take the kids somewhere to stretch their legs, expand their minds and create memories as a family, Auckland Airport Motel has prepared a list of family-friendly attractions that you may have forgotten to visit. It doesn’t matter what time of year you decide to explore Auckland, there are various activities that you as a family can share together. Auckland is going to make your experience a lasting one with its various attractions.


Auckland War Memorial Museum Auckland’s War Memorial Museum


The Auckland War Memorial Museum is a spectacular historic building located in the Domain’s center and surrounded by a stunning park near the CBD of Auckland. Located 14.6km or a 20 minute drive from Auckland Airport Motel, Auckland War Memorial Museum is a surprisingly engaging and stimulating way to learn something in an interactive way. General admission is free for Auckland residents (proof of address is necessary), a small donation for the rest of New Zealand and prices for international visitors can be found on their website

 It is one of the best family activities you can do with your kids if you want to learn about the history of New Zealand, it’s culture, and the world around us as we know it.

The lower level is dedicated to the Maori and Pacific cultures. Looking at the intricate wood carvings around the marae, the significance of Maori culture and it’s influence on New Zealand. Visit the “Weird and Wonderful Discovery Centre”, where children can touch freely touch almost everything, and learn basic science concepts through interactive and digital activities. 


Sky Tower

Sky Tower


The Sky Tower is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere and at the height of 328 meters and can be spotted all around Auckland as it stands proud in the sky.  Located 15.8km or a 20 minute drive from Auckland Airport Motel, it is always nice to visit on a sunny day to make the most out of the spectacular views. When you dine at one of the restaurants in the Sky tower you automatically get free entry onto its observational deck.

Up at the observation deck, you are taken 220 meters from the ground and can access breathtaking views across the city where on a clear day you can see approximately 80km in every direction. There are also glass-bottom floors where you can look down vertically that really tickle your senses. 




Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium

Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium

Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium is a 30 minute or 18km drive from Auckland Airport Motel. Learn about the history of Scott’s base and how a few courageous men traveled and lived one of the coldest places in the world, Antarctica. Relax and have a coffee in the Café where children can run around in the indoor playground and view some incredible sea life all while you sit and eat. Watch the playful penguins run around in the snow, dive into the water, and waddle, dart, or slide past each other to see who is there watching them. The main attraction would be the giant aquarium where a tunnel immerses you inside the tank while keeping you dry and allows you to view schools of fish, stingrays, sharks, and other marine life as if you were walking at the bottom of the sea looking up. Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium is an iconic local attraction place in Auckland. 

Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo


Auckland Zoo is a 16km drive from Auckland Airport Motel which takes 20 minutes to get to.

Situated near Auckland’s city center, the zoo is one of Auckland’s best places to visit with a family. Not only does it keep the kids stimulated and allows them to stretch their legs and learn about wildlife from all over the world.

The enclosures allow kids to get close up and personal with the animals but also keeps them safe by the use of barriers and protective screens. Enjoy the dedicated picnic area or eat at the various cafes or food stalls. Also, you get to interact closely with some of the animals. Auckland Zoo is a non-profit organization that focuses strictly on researching wildlife and is home to over 1400 different animals.


Auckland Volcanoes

Climb a Volcano


Auckland City has 48 Volcanic cones where many of them have been quarried (extracted for natural resources) or turned into public parks. Climbing one of the many volcanos in Auckland can be a memorable family activity. The closest Volcano to Auckland Airport Motel is Mangere Mountain where the Mangere Mountain Education Centre is located 2km or a 3 minute drive. They offer guided walks to educated hikers about the geological and human history of this 70,000-year-old volcano. The climb takes you 106 meters above sea level and although the activity has long since disappeared the evidence of previous eruptions is still present to this day with one of the best-preserved volcanic cones in the area.


If climbing mountains, taking in some fresh air and reaching the peak for some picture-perfect selfies is your thing, then consider checking out some of our other volcanos

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