Top 5 Dining Experiences in Auckland

Top 5 Dining Experiences in Auckland

Top 5 Dining Experiences in Auckland

Hello foodies, Auckland Airport Motel has put together a list of unique restaurants that have excelled at delivering exceptional service and have left their customers with a pleasant and memorable experience. If you’re not from New Zealand, you’ve got to try our beef and lamb. We do them so well, and it’s been said we have more lamb in this country than people so we know how to do it right. As a diverse nation, we bring spices, tastes, and flavours from all corners of the world to prepare our foods to be richer but also retaining the natural essence of the core ingredient. The incredible culinary arts and skills perfectly express the creativity of the chief in providing an authentic experience. The mesmerizing ambiance, creative presentations, and the balance of seasons, spices, and herbs ensure to put visitors in awe.

Top 5 Restaurants Offering Incredible Dining Experience:


Pasture Restaurant

The Grove:

The Grove is a modern French restaurant and incorporates a touch of New Zealand flavour. Located 22km or a 20 minute drive from Auckland Airport Motel you will need to allow some extra time to find parking as the restaurant is in the City Center. The Grove surprises its visitors by continually changing their menu based on what is fresh in the local market and how they can prepare these core ingredients in different ways to subtly alter the taste, texture, and smell. The rapid variations in the menu welcome the fresh seasonal ingredients with sophistication and uniqueness. The restaurants enlighten the dining experience by presenting the specialties like ripe tomatoes with some tarragon and fennel, samphire with some Mooloolaba prawns.



Pasture Restaurant


Pasture is truly a unique restaurant where 6 diners sit at a bar and watch a chef push his limits to deliver dish after dish of his own exclusive selections. Located 23km or a 20 minute drive from Auckland Airport Motel this restaurant will need to be booked prior to arrival. It is said that it takes a month to prepare his menu as he sources, ages, and prepares his own ingredients to create the perfect combination. With only 6 guests seated at a bar, the chef is able to guide you through the evening, pour your wine, mix your cocktails, and clear the plates. Not only does the restaurant provide an intimate homely experience not seen in other restaurants it is also award claiming the title of Metro Peugeot Restaurant of the year (2019).




Sideart Restaurant


Auckland's Sidart took out the Cuisine Good Food Awards 2019 being titled the restaurant of the year and given the highest honour of three hats.

The renowned Chef Sid Sahrawat is the person behind the scenes creating new menus that are not only elegant but award-winning. Located 22km or a 23 minute drive from Auckland Airport Motel, Sidart is worth definitely worth the drive. The ambiance, service, taste, and presentation all add to the total value of the experience.






The Sugar Club Restaurant

The Sugar Club:

The Sugar Club is located on the top dining floor of the Sky Tower. The Sugar Club is 22km or a 19 minute drive from Auckland Airport Motel. The Sky Tower is the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere and if you make a reservation with the Sugar Club you get free access to the Sky Tower’s Observation Deck where you can see approximately 80km in every direction. The idea behind the building the restaurant in this location is to provide their diners with breathtaking views of the city and/or sea. Peter Gordon is the mastermind behind enhancing the taste buds of the diners. The exclusive European and Asian cuisine with a cocktail bar builds a memorable experience for the foodies and serves as a perfect dining combination.




French Cafe

Sid at the French Café:

Sid at The French Café, or commonly known as the French Café is another award-winning Restaurant on our list that fills the demand among the high profile diners. Located 21km or a 19 minute drive from Auckland Airport Motel. The buffed spotless cutlery used to serve their delicacies clearly proves the attention to detail the restaurant has when delivering you an authentic experience. The Restaurant has been sold to Chef Sid Sahrawat, the owner of Sidart, and renowned for creating award-winning restaurants. Relax in the spacious and elegant atmosphere that the French Café offers and experience an evening that will be hard to forget.