Top 5 Beaches in Auckland

Top 5 Beaches in Auckland

Top 5 Beaches in Auckland

If you love walking barefoot on a beach, waves crashing rhythmically, and with the sand between your toes then this list if for you. Auckland has various beaches located at the parameters of the city each having its own distinct features and natural resources. With the breath-taking view and the eye-catching landscape no matter which beach you end up choosing you'd be blessed with the gift of New Zealand. We can surely tell that you will get fascinated with the different colors and textures of sands. So if you are ready to experience these beaches, make sure to know about them and their specialty.

The Mesmerizing Beaches in Auckland:

Anchor Bay Beach

Anchor Bay Beach:

Located far north of Auckland, Anchor Bay beach is located 102km or a 90 minute drive from Auckland Airport Motel. Perfect for surfers and hikers alike this beach is known for its crystal waters, white sandy beach marine, and wildlife all of which is nestled by 588 hectares of park. On the last leg before arriving at the beach, there is a windy unsealed road so care should be taken while driving to protect yourself and other families. There are no shops or cafes close by so when visiting the beach, you should bring enough food and drinks for your group but there are toilets and changing rooms available for use. The beach is a protected area with native trees and bushed where wildlife are curious enough to roam freely and therefore dogs and fishing are not permitted.




Orewa Beach

Orewa Beach:

Located north of Auckland, Orewa Beach is 58km or a 45 minute drive from Auckland Airport Motel.  This beloved golden sand beach is flat with a coastline that extends 3 kilometers and is shared by sunbathers, swimmers, paddle boarders, families, kite suffers, jogger and locals who love to immerse themselves with nature. The Beach has a local team of lifesavers where you can swim between the flags for their protection and a surf club café for food, drinks, and ice cream. Orewa beach is located in Orewa city where you can talk to the friendly locals and get a glimpse of their lives.






Piha Beach

Piha Beach:

The Piha beach one of the largest and is famous for being one of the most dangerous beaches in New Zealand. Located 40.8 km or a 52 minute drive from Auckland Airport Motel many locals and tourists flock to this beach during the summertime. An ominous feature of the beach is the black coloured sand and if you are superstitious represents how care should be taken when swimming on this beach. If you are to swim, it is strongly suggested to swim between the flags where you are under the watchful eyes of the surf lifesavers as Piha beach is known for large breaking waves, strong rips/currents, a sudden drop-off, and unstable cliffs. In saying that, Piha beach attracts many surfers as they take full advantage of the strong high waves that help then catch the perfect wave. The beach extends towards the west and is located on Waitakere Ranges’ edge. A rock shaped like a lion, called “Lion Rock” is iconic to Piha beach and divides the beach into two parts; Piha and North Piha. The beach offers changing rooms, bathrooms, and various coffee and snack vendors including their own little café.

Cheltenham Beach

Cheltenham Beach:

With a distance of 35km or a 50 minute drive from Auckland Airport Motel, Cheltenham Beach is perfect for a picnic, and with calm and clean waters is safe for people of all ages to swim. With a clear view of Rangitoto island, you can sit, walk or jog on the golden sand and have a relaxing day with friends or family. If an adventure is what you’re after, why not take a ferry ride from the beach to the Auckland City Central and explore downtown Auckland and visit the newly built mall with a construction cost of $1Billion, Commercial Bay.





Oneroa Beach

Oneroa Beach:

Oneroa Beach is located all the way on Waiheke Island where visitors must travel to Queens Wharf downtown of the City Center. Queen's wharf is a 24 minute drive from Auckland Airport Motel and then on the final leg of your journey, visitors must catch a 40 minutes ferry to get to Matiatia Wharf, Waiheke Island. From the Wharf you can either walk or catch a ride to Oneroa where you'd be welcomed by a white sandy beach below, the coromandel peninsular in the distance, and cozy little town center lined with arts and craft stores, cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops to remind you how far you had to travel to get to this little island of paradise.  Waiheke Island is known for its picturesque beaches, winery vineyards, craft beers, and native bushwalking tracks. The island offers tours of the island, of their vineyards and craft beer breweries. If you have traveled this far it may be a good opportunity to take advantage of the tours available.